Mystical Music Box


Your Mystical Music Box is absolutely perfect for a music loving Budding Scientists and is:

• A fun and engaging way to learn about the science of sounds.
• Get a Free Printed Science Experiment Book too! (Worth £9.99)
• 100% Slimetastically Guaranteed.
• Delivered FAST and for FREE!

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Why The Mystical Music Box?

If your Budding Scientist is a music lover then you might well have found the perfect science experiment kit for them. 

A cracking way to get hands-on and understand the science of sounds by building your very own Mystical Music Box. 

If you ever tire of those glorious scientific sounds then you'll also have your FREE science experiment book (worth £9.99) so you can keep the science going. 

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Mystical Music Box

Will My Budding Scientist Like My FREE Science Book?!


'Don't Eat Your Slime' is jam-packed with fabulously fun science experiments that you can do safely from home with things that you already have. 

There's no faff or setup, you can just dive in and get started and get your experiments going. 

You could even try experimenting with your FREE science experiment book while listening to your scientific sounds. It doesn't get much better than that!

Free Fun Science Experiment Book

What's My Slimetastic Guarantee?

You'll love making your scientific sounds and experienting with your free science experiment book. 

I'm so sure you'll love your Mystical Music Box I'd like to 100% Slimetastically Guaratee it?

What's a Slimetatsic Guarantee?

If you don't feel that your Mystical Music Box is a fabulously fun way to learn about the science of sounds then just send it back for a full, no-hassle refund. 

No sneaky terms and conditions or any of that nonsense just love it or leave it. 100% Guaranteed.

Mystical Music Box

P.S. 5 Awesome Reasons To Grab Your Mystical Music Box Now!

Awesome Reason No.1 An Awesomely Addictive Science Themed Gift

Awesome Reason No.2 - Free Physcal Science Experiment Book (Worth £9.99)

Awesome Reason No.3 - Free & Fast Delivery

Awesome Reason No.4 - 100% Slimetastic Money Back Guaranteed!

Awesome Reason No.5 - It's SO easy to order, just a couple of clicks, safely via Stripe with any debit or credit card!

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