Science Party Fancy Dress Pack


Your Science Party Fancy Dress Packs are:

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• Dragons Den Winning.
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What's In My Science Party Fancy Dress Pack?

Your Science Party Fancy Dress Pack is the Ultimate way to get your budding scientists looking extra awesome and includes:

  • Science Party Children's Lab Coat - you'll choose the size that's right for you!
  • Sublime Science Lab  Access Pass: - add the name of your Sublime Scientists!
  • Science Party Nerd Glasses: - complete the look!

Save yourself the hassle of the perfect science party fancy dress - we've already done all the hard work - so you don't have to!

Not only are your Science Party Fancy Dress packs awesome fun but come with FREE Delivery as well as a Slimetastic 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Your Science Party Fancy Dress Pack

Can I See The Access Passes?

Having your budding scientist look the part is always awesome...

Not only do access passes ensure that only invited budding scientists make it into your Sublime Science Lab but they are also a fantastic addition that really builds the science party theme.

Remember to give each of your budding scientists Sublime Science names like 'Mad Marc', 'Bio-Hazard Ben' or 'Toxic Tara'.

A fab way for everyone to know everybody's name and really enhance the science party theme. 

Your Science Party Fancy Dress Pack

What About The "Nerd Glasses"?

Nerd glasses are awesome and really complete your Science Party Fancy Dress Pack

Your budding scientists will love them and keep hold of them long after your science party has come to a close.

Lab Coats, Nerd Glasses and Access Passes really do make awesome additions. They get everyone involved and really add to the fun. 

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Your Science Party Nerd Glasses

What's This 100% Slimetastic Guarantee All About?

We're on a mission to make science awesome and so 100% Slimetastically Guarantee your Science Party Fancy Dress Packs. 

I'm pretty sure you're going to love them and I'd like to 100% guarantee it!

If you don't feel that your Sublime Science Party Fancy Dress Packs are absolutely awesome then just send them back for a full refund.

No sneaky terms and conditions or any of that nonsense just love it or leave it. 100% Guaranteed.

Your Fancy Dress Pack is 100% Guaranteed

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