Super Solar Fan


Your Super Solar Fan is the perfect science experiment for an environmentally minded Budding Scientist:

• An awesome way to get to grips with how solar power works.
• Get a Free Printed Science Experiment Book too! (Worth £9.99)
• 100% Slimetastically Guaranteed.
• Delivered FAST and for FREE!

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Why The Super Solar Fan?

If your Budding Scientist has an interest in the environment then this science experiment could be a great fit for them. 

It's a fantastic way to get hands-on and really get an understanding of how solar power can produce the energy we all need. 

Your Super Solar Fan Experiement also comes with a FREE science experiment book (worth £9.99). You can keep on discovering just how awesome science can be while your solar powered windmill watches over you!

To make sure you can order with confidence your Super Solar Fan comes with FREE Delivery as well as a Slimetastic 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Super Solar Fan

Are My FREE Science Book Experiments Hands-on Too?

They 100% are!

One of the things our Budding Scientists love most about the Sublime Science experiments is how hands-on and interactive they are.

Not only that, but every single experiment is safe so you can do them at home with stuff you already have. 

Your complimentary science experiment book is the perfect companion to your Super Solar Fan. 

Your extra fun science experiments will be even more awesome as your Super Solar Fan spins along while you're conducting them!

Free Fun Science Experiment Book

Is My Super Solar Fan 100% Slimetastically Guaranteed?!


We're pretty sure both you and your Budding Scientist will absolutely love experimenting with your Super Solar Fan...

But we want to go a step beyond and 100% Slimetastically Guarantee it!

How does that work?

If you don't feel that your Super Solar Fan is great way to get hands-on and enjoy learning about the science of solar power then just send it back for a full refund.

No sneaky terms and conditions or any of that nonsense just love it or leave it. 100% Guaranteed.

100% Guaranteed Super Solar Fan

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Awesome Reason No.1 An Awesomely Addictive Science Themed Gift

Awesome Reason No.2 - Free Physcal Science Experiment Book (Worth £9.99)

Awesome Reason No.3 - Free & Fast Delivery

Awesome Reason No.4 - 100% Slimetastic Money Back Guaranteed!

Awesome Reason No.5 - It's SO easy to order, just a couple of clicks, safely via Stripe with any debit or credit card!

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