Terrific Train


Your Terrific Train is the perfect science experiment for a train loving Budding Scientist:

• A funtastic way to learn about forces and momentum.
• Get a Free Printed Science Experiment Book too! (Worth £9.99)
• 100% Slimetastically Guaranteed.
• Delivered FAST and for FREE!

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Why The Terrific Train?

If you have a train-loving Budding Scientist then this has got to be the ideal science experiment for them. 

Is there a better way to learn about energy, forces and momentum than by putting together and experimenting with your own train Terrific Train. 

Your Terrific Train also comes with a FREE science experiment book (worth £9.99) so the fun science experiments can continue while your train rolls around!

To make sure you can order with confidence your Terrific Train comes with FREE Delivery as well as a Slimetastic 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Terrific Train

Do I Really Get A FREE Physical Book?


Your copy of 'Don't Eat Your Slime' is a full-colour, printed science experiment book. 

It's stuffed full of the most fun science experiments that you can do safely, at home, with stuff you've already got.

So while you train rolls around the room you can keep the exploration and discovery going and enjoy even more awesomely fun science experiments.

Free Fun Science Experiment Book

Is It A Slimetastically Guaranteed Terrific Train?!

It is!

As much as I'm entirely confident that you'll love your Terrific Train, I wanted to go a step further and to 100% guarantee it.

How does the 100% slimetastic guarantee work?

If you don't feel that your Terrific Train is absolutely awesome then just send it back for a full refund.

No sneaky terms and conditions or any of that nonsense just love it or leave it. 100% Guaranteed.

100% Guaranteed Terrific Train

P.S. 5 Awesome Reasons To Grab Your Terrific Train Now!

Awesome Reason No.1 An Awesomely Addictive Science Themed Gift

Awesome Reason No.2 - Free Physcal Science Experiment Book (Worth £9.99)

Awesome Reason No.3 - Free & Fast Delivery

Awesome Reason No.4 - 100% Slimetastic Money Back Guaranteed!

Awesome Reason No.5 - It's SO easy to order, just a couple of clicks, safely via Stripe with any debit or credit card!

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