Ultimate Party Bags


The Ultimate Science Party Bag is the very best bag we’ve ever dared to put together!

You get everything in the gold party bag, PLUS:
• Each bag contains ‘The Most Incredible Science Experiment Book Ever’. (worth £9.99 each!)
• It’s a physical, full-colour, book – the absolute perfect ‘take-home’ for each child!


3 Extra Awesome Experiments:
• Magic Twisty Worm
• Whoopie Cushion
• Bouncing Putty

Your Ultimate Bags Are Also:
• Dragons Den Winning.
• 100% Slimetastically Guaranteed.
• Delivered FAST and for FREE!

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Why The Ultimate Science Party Bags?

Not only do your Ultimate Science Party Bags include 'The Most Incredible Science Experiment Book Ever', you also get 3 awesome extra experiments too. 

Your 3 Extra Ultimate Party Bag Experiments:
• Magic Twisty Worm - the children love this one!
• Whoopie Cushion - an absolute classic!
• Bouncing Putty - an extra awesome "take-home" from an awesome party!

Your Ultimate Bags Also Include:
• Flying Finger Rocket - Flies up-to 40ft through the air!
• Air Powered Helicopter - Blow up the balloon and let it fly!
• Micro-Catchabubbles - Catch bubbles in your hand!
• Rainbow Diffraction Glasses - Amazing effects and educational fun too!

Not only the the Ultimate Science Party Bags but they come with FREE Delivery as well as a Slimetastic 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Ultimate Party Bag Extra Experiments

Those Experiments Sound Awesome, What Else Do I Get?!

Each of your Ultimate Sublime Science Party Bags contain a Physical, full colour copy of 'The Most Incredible Science Experiment Book Ever' - (RRP. £9.99)

It's the perfect "take home souvenir" for every child!

Keeps the fun science going and is the perfect memento of your unforgettable birthday party. 

Not only can you inspire children to discover how awesome science can be but you'll also save £7.99 per bag too!

Your FREE Science Experiment Book!

What's This 100% Slimetastic Guarantee All About?

We're on a mission to make science awesome and so we 100% Slimetastically Guarantee your party bags

I'm pretty sure you're going to love them and I'd like to 100% guarantee it!

If you don't feel that your Sublime Science Party Bags are absolutely awesome then just send them back for a full refund.

No sneaky terms and conditions or any of that nonsense just love it or leave it. 100% Guaranteed.

Ultimate Party Bags 100% Guaranteed

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Awesome Reason No.1 - The kids will LOVE them!

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Awesome Reason No.4 - 100% Slimetastic Money Back Guaranteed!

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